Creativity arising from experience and family traditions

HEINRICH BREUER® is a family-run trading company with a history that spans over 100 years. In 1948 the company became active as a wholesaler in the timber trade and since then has been operating and distributing from the Oberhausener Straße, Mülheim-Styrum site.

Due to changing markets for timber and wood products as well as personal affinity, Heinrich Breuer, the company’s successor since 1999, has been expanding the company’s business activities s new business segments, such as project development in arts, architecture and design. This led to his shifting some of the company’s operations to a new location in southern Germany. Thanks to the positive development of the company’s new creative industries segment, Heinrich Breuer has decided to restructure the location in Styrum and to transform the entire area of ​​the trading center into ARTRONAUT space for art, to an international meeting point for the creative industries scene.

Cultural and social commitments have always been part of the company’s goals. Therefore, this step is the logical evolution of the family tradition, combined with the intention to sustainably secure this commitment by establishing a foundation.