artist-in-residence program

The ARTRONAUT Artist-in-residence programs enable artists to live and work at the focus of creativity and offer free scopes for artists who represent meaningful point of views.

  • Living and working | Duration: 6 months

    Appartment (50-60 sqm)
    Studio (50-60 sqm, 6 m high)

  • Facilities available

    Coworking café
    Project space
    Sculpture park

  • Discount on services, resources and equipment

    Photo studio
    Conference rooms

  • Presentation of your works

    Individual presentation on
    Project documentation (such as exhibition catalog, yearbook,
    Participation in group exhibitions in ARTRONAUT space for art and possibly through external cooperation partners

  • Individually by arrangement

    Networking and developing contacts
    Mediation services/assisting you in making contact to German and international galleries and institutions
    Marketing through online platforms such as Artsy, Artnet, Kunstaspekte